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Media Announcement
Sydney, NSW April 27, 2007

The auditorium upstairs at Club Five Dock will be the venue for HIVE LIVE 4 on the afternoon of Sunday, June 3, 2007. HIVE LIVE is a teaching concept that was developed in 2004 by Ben Little, a professional musician and guitar teacher based in Five Dock. Students are taught in groups for a few months leading up to a performance date. Before the performance each group rehearses with a professional drummer, bass player and vocalist - all provided by Ben - that is unless the students decide to do all of it themselves.

The benefits of such an exercise are immense. Students learn how their playing fits into a complete song arrangement. They learn important organisational and interpersonal skills in dealing with the 3-4 other musicians. They learn about staging and equipment needs for performances. Then, best of all, they get the performance experience - complete with a full auditorium of people cheering them on.

Ben has put together three HIVE LIVE events over the past two years. The first one was held upstairs at the Australian Youth Hotel. It was such a success (some compared it to the beginnings of TropFest) that Ben needed to expand to a larger venue. He gave the students a thrilling live music experience by securing the infamous Annandale Hotel for HIVE LIVE 2 and 3.

Club Five Dock, the venue for HIVE LIVE 4, will give the students a different staging experience and will improve the audience experience with plenty of space and food and beverage services.

This is the first announcement of HIVE LIVE 4. Please include it in your community event calendar for June. Please also include it in your gig guides. To view some of the photos, videos of last year's event you will find it here..... Hive Live 3 - Images

Throughout May, Ben Little and his students are available for interviews. Hotsource is happy to organise photo opportunities to support articles leading up to the actual event. For your articles, we encourage you to emphasise the concept, the participation of students from the Inner West, and the wide variety of participants (ages range from 8 to over 60).

Media passes are available for the event by request.

About Guitarhive

The Guitarhive in Five Dock attracts players from beginners to advanced, young to not so young, acoustic to electric - and EVERYONE is welcome.

Ben's teaching centres around the students and what they want to learn. He has been teaching for 23 years and has played professionally for over 30 years.

About Hotsource

Hotsource is a music marketing company. The website has been designed to help artists and bands self promote to the public and within the industry. Hotsource is also involved in publicity and management of music events. Hotsource has alliances with many providers to the music industry - all geared towards assisting Aussie musicians to GET OUT THERE!


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